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- Our mission

It’s nice to meet. I’m Shingo Nishida of ZIPAIR Tokyo.

Our mission at ZIPAIR is to be the NEW BASIC AIRLINE that defines a new standard that is neither a full-service carrier nor a low-cost carrier.

“NEW BASIC” is not just about controlling costs but incorporating the aesthetic details typified by Japanese airlines and creating a new airline that shortens the sense of time.
We want to deliver a “satisfying service that is just right for customers” and “comfort enjoyed in a personal way.”

Safety is Our Top Priority
Japan-Quality Operations

With safe travel as a core premise, we provide punctuality that gets customers to their destinations reliably through high-quality operations. Supported by our employees, who have a mission and sense of responsibility as safety professionals, ZIPAIR delivers a safe and comfortable transportation experience by meeting the safety standards of the JAL Group.

ZIPAIR Uniqueness

Our employees embody principles that are vital to realizing the mission of being a NEW BASIC airline.

Equal treatment of everyone, receptiveness to new things, and unbound curiosity.
WITTY (Attitude)
Timely creation of new value by making decisions with an open mind and in the moment.
Making ideas a reality with support from peers and continuously taking on new challenges.

ZIPAIR brings together a diverse range of members in terms of age, careers and other qualities. I'm confident in our ability to realize ZIPAIR's uniqueness through vibrant communication based on concepts and ideas that come from a variety of backgrounds to create a NEW BASIC.
Our trip begins in 2020.
I hope that you have an interest in ZIPAIR and experience a comfortable trip with us.

President & CEO:Shingo Nishida


as of January 2023

Company Name (Trading Name) ZIPAIR Tokyo Inc.
Businesses Air transport services
Head office

Terminal1 Narita International Airport Narita City, Chiba 282-0011 Japan

Capital 100 million yen (Shareholder Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. 100%)
Established July 31, 2018
First commercial flight June 3, 2020
Representative Director,President Shingo Nishida
Employees 489
Fleet Boeing787-8 (290seats) 4 aircrafts
Routes Narita=Bangkok, Narita=Seoul, Narita=Honolulu, Narita=Singapore, Narita=Los Angeles, Narita=San José